6 Unconventional Ways to Save Money on Household Items!


1. Ditch your old incandescent light bulbs for the more “Green” and energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs. Sure they are a little bit more expensive off the shelf but they will last you years longer than the standard light bulb and will consume far less energy making this a no brainer for long term savings.

2. Buy cheap toilet paper! Think about it…you use it to clean and then throw it away. Get the cheapest toilet paper you can find if you’re comfortable with it and prevent money going down the drain…literally!

3. Buy household electronics on Ebay or Craigslist. There are tons of people that look to offload electronics for whatever reason(they are moving, they want something newer, or sometimes they don’t know how to operate it…lol)

4. Use plastic cutlery several times before tossing. You can wash plastic cutlery just as you would silverware so reuse them and make your supply last longer.

5. Buy “dollar store” cleaning solutions. These similar chemicals can cost you 4 times as much at a regular store. Again, don’t waste your money as it’s going to be thrown away eventually anyways.

6. Keep condiments you pick up from fast food restaurants. Makes no sense to throw them away so stick them in a plastic zip lock bag for future use.

Frugal but Fruitful…Happy Saving!